Terms & Conditions

As High Intensity Live is a high intensity fitness event, when booking, you will be asked to acknowledge that you have read and understood the Health Commitment Statement pertaining to the event on 29th June 2019.
However, we understand that between the initial live booking start date of 1st December 2018 and the event date, your circumstances could change through no fault of your own.
Because of this, if, after booking and payment, you are unable to complete the event due to accident, ailment or injury, we will do our very best to be reasonable and sympathetic in our management of your circumstances.
Cancellation will be possible, and a full refund will be made if genuine injury or ailment prevents you from safely completing the event. In such circumstances, you, or someone representing you can call 01778 344579 or email info@highintensitylive.com
Phone lines and assistance will be open from 9:30am – 12:30pm Monday to Friday. High Intensity Live is brought to you by Empire Gyms, so on answering the call we will identify ourselves as Empire Gyms. Please simply explain that your call relates to the High Intensity Live event and we will be happy to help.
If you have taken out an insurance policy, you will need to contact your insurers directly.
Cancellation, if circumstances meet the criteria, will be possible until 30 days prior to the event on receipt of proper proof and documentation of the circumstances preventing you from completing the event. Documentation requirements will be made clear on receipt of your call or email.
All proper and professional steps will be taken to ensure the safety of participants, both in preparation for the event with the provision of a Health Commitment Statement, and access to an ‘Event Nutrition Guide’ written by a professional nutritionist and on the day of the event with the presence of professional medical and emergency staff. All event instructors are properly and professionally vetted and are fully qualified in their respective disciplines.

Thank You.