High Intensity Live

A massive high intensity fitness event ‘HIIT’s Peterborough

On Saturday June 29th 2019 a massive fitness event comes to the East of England Showground in Peterborough.
Imagined and designed by the Weston family who brought you the success of Empire Gym, near Peterborough, this event will bring to the masses, a day of high intensity, high octane exercise and euphoria for at least 1000 people. All at once!!!
“With 5 years of hands on experience in the gym and fitness industry, and with the strength of the Empire Gym brand, we are confident that we have found a niche in the mass ‘Fitness Event’ market that will cater to those who thrive in a ‘professional HIIT fitness class’ style environment, but on a massive scale!”


“Imagine 1000 or more people, taking part in several back to back high intensity, high octane 30 minute ‘HIIT event segments’, the thread being that the are all HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) inspired, to smash through as many calories as possible, conducted by the very finest professional fitness instructors from a stage. There will be loud booming music, mesmerising event lighting and an electric, inclusive, highly charged, friendly and motivational atmosphere!”
“It will be like the biggest nightclub you’ve ever been to with all of the same buzz and anticipation, but the attraction is exercise, the DJ’s the instructors and the addicting, intoxicating elixir is the promise of exercise induced endorphins!”

The incredible lineup includes:

  • Totally Shredded – Drum and Bass
  • Insanity Live
  • P90X Live
  • Metafit
  • Les Mills GRIT
  • Les Mills SPRINT Cycle
  • Totally Shredded – HIIT House


And it’s not an event where you get to choose!
“If you’re in YOU’RE IN!!!”
Every grueling but electric HIIT discipline must be tackled! High Intensity Exercise in its truest sense! All in a row with 15 – 20 minutes rest between each 30 minute ‘class’ CAN YOU HANDLE IT?!?
We will bring you the full detailed itinerary with timings and a ‘High Intensity Live Nutrition Guide’ written by a professional nutritionist to help you fuel up and maintain energy throughout the event so you can enjoy your exercise safely, and with maximum intensity all day long!
We cant wait! Exciting, intense fitness times await! Be part of it!!!!!
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